DevOps Certification Program

DevOps Certification

Development Operations certification is most commonly referred to as DevOps certification. At its core, it’s the application of best practices gleaned from software development and management approaches such as Agile, including Scrum, and Lean approaches. This strategy enables organizations to create resilient and agile systems in the ever-evolving worlds of software development and IT operations.

In fact, with the days of a siloed approach between development and operations fast coming to a close, more than 65 percent of today’s organizations are currently adopting or soon plan to embrace the collaborative benefits that DevOps certification offers.

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Benefits of DevOps Certification

Attaining DevOps certification for your organization will give you several significant benefits. Because DevOps promotes the use of cross-functional teams working together toward one unified goal, your teams become faster, more functional, and more creative.

Technically speaking, problems are resolved faster and software is continuously improved. These changes greatly reduce time spent troubleshooting, so there’s more time to be creative and innovative. All of this together enhances the stability of operating environments and allows for the faster roll-out of new features. And thanks to improved results, your teams become more satisfied and engaged, which in turn enhances productivity and performance.

DevOps Certification Programs for Businesses — Get the BTI Advantage

Of course, at Business Transformation Institute, Inc., we recognize that in today’s leadership, management and consulting landscapes, you have a wide range of DevOps certification firms to choose from. However, we believe that when you choose BTI to be your DevOps Institute certification partner, you get more than just an introduction to improved workflow. You also learn quantifiable ways to advance the execution of your business model.

With BTI’s real-world approach to DevOps certification, you gain applicable insights that can quickly help yield organization-wide increased workflow efficiency. Especially in the following areas, you can be sure to achieve noticeable and measurable improvements:

  • Alignment: When your development and operations personnel align their working objectives, you make great strides toward eliminating the challenges and limitations organizations face by having these two crucial departments siloed.
  • Feedback: With increased collaboration, you encourage and receive more useful feedback that can be put to use in real-time. As a result, you decrease your response time to feedback while simultaneously enhancing your application of improvements collected from internal and external feedback.
  • Efficiency: If DevOps is about anything, it’s about improving the level of communication between your departments and teams throughout your systems and software life cycle. And when your development and operations departments communicate more, they work more effectively — helping increase the efficiency of everything from release times to the agile response to product updates.

What Is a Development Operations Institute Partner?

So what is DevOps certification? And why does choosing BTI as your certifying organization help your chances of achieving measurable business outcomes?

By now, it should be clear that DevOps certification is more than a program. It’s a viable way of dismantling many of the barriers that have plagued the IT community for so long. By drawing upon Agile and Lean methods, DevOps helps create a collaborative culture in your organization that positively assumes a company-wide level of responsibility for meeting — and continuously improving — your business objectives.

At BTI, we appreciate that the implementation of DevOps methods is a journey. That’s why we offer the following courses to help you and your company along this exciting road to improved workflow and collaboration:

Choose BTI for Company DevOps Certification Programs Designed Around Your Business

Founded on the premise that measurable data and process analysis can help businesses unlock their performance potential and value delivery, we’ve made leveraging the benefits of workflow improvement methods like DevOps our primary objective when supplying consulting, training, and business solutions to today’s most innovative organizations.

Since 2005, we’ve served the business improvement needs of clients across 14 U.S. states as well as the District of Columbia. We have experience working with organizations ranging in size from a dozen employees all the way up to the Fortune 100. In addition, our proven methods for improvement have helped businesses from such industries as aerospace, healthcare, IT solution services, financial services, utilities, retail and the U.S. federal government.

To learn more about how BTI can help your company become DevOps certified, contact us today!


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