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Our Performance Improvement Solutions

BTI is a CYBER-AB Licensed Training Provider (LTP) and an authorized CMMC Third Party Assessment Organization (C3PAO).  We are committed to the idea that improvement means helping organizations achieve measurable results in support of the organization’s goals.  In today’s world, measurably better information technology security is a part of every organization’s core goals.

If your organization wants to be assessed at any level of CMMC compliance, you will have to work with a C3PAO to be formally assessed.

We offer a complete range of CMMC services including:

  • Policy and supporting documentation development, implementation, and compliance consulting.
  • Gap analysis and assessments.
  • Training.

BTI specializes in process improvement development and implementation support, process improvement training, Capability Maturity Model Integrated (CMMI®) appraisal preparation and execution, and Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification assessments.  We are committed to the idea that improvement means helping organizations achieve measurable results in support of the organization’s goals.  

We offer the complete range of CMMI services including:

  • Process development and implementation consulting
  • Appraisal preparation
  • Appraisals
  • Training, including:
    • CMMI-Development,
    • CMMI-Services, CMMI-Security and CMMI-Safety, “Foundations of Capability”, “Building Excellence”, and “High Maturity Concepts”, “CMMI-Security”, and “CMMI-Safety”.

Process data mining involves the use of special techniques to analyze and improve business processes using data from multiple sources. With Process data mining, BTI’s software transforms raw transaction-level data into usable information through visualization tools, statistical analysis, and machine-learning models and predictive analytics.

We specialize in software process improvement data science. Our process mining capabilities collect and combine data from event logs with product and service quality measurements to help our clients increase process efficiency and have a better understanding of how their processes generate value.

This will enable you to:

  • Discover your true performance based on historical and real-time data
  • Quickly locate and implement solutions for the causes of any process inefficiencies
  • Find all bottlenecks and fix them promptly
  • More efficiently use resources for greater productivity by understanding personnel- and team-level strengths and challenges
  • Reduce process and product quality errors by identifying and eliminating root causes
  • Identify and suggest remedies for late product delivery scenarios that account for requirements, team composition, technical decisions, and work flow issues

BTI specializes in process improvement development and implementation support.  That means we are interested in measurable results.  Good improvement enables work to be done measurably faster, more securely, more efficiently, with fewer defects and more functionality, and with happier customers, managers, and developers.  Anything else is not an improvement at all.

BTI offers a full range of Agile and DevOps services, including:

  • Training, including DevOps Institute Foundation, Test Engineering, and DevSecOps
  • Capability Analysis, Assessment, and Improvement
  • Tools and Automation Recommendations and Implementation Assistance
  • Low-Impact Measurement System Implementation
  • SAFe: Scaled Agile Framework workshop

BTI offers Lean Six Sigma project implementation and training services for business that want to be more agile in responding to customers, eliminate waste, and improve predictability. The result is higher-quality products and services while creating greater customer satisfaction and more profitability.

We’re certified Lean Six Sigma training partners, and we provide you and your company with training that’ll take you along the path of growth in performance, success and competitiveness. We offer Lean Six Sigma training for companies at different LSS training levels:

  • White belt LSS training
  • Yellow belt LSS training
  • Green belt LSS training
  • Black belt LSS training
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Helping Businesses of All Sizes Build Better Processes

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    Deliver the expected results that are right the first time

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    Minimize non-value-added consumption of time and resources

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    Improve business performance.

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Our Thought Process

BTI was founded with the vision of creating a world freed from ineffective, inefficient, non-value-added processes. Our collective work experience started in organizations that were unable to achieve their goals despite a wealth of funding, skilled and knowledgeable people, and access to the best technology on Earth. What the organizations lacked was process-that is, how to do the work by effectively and efficiently marshaling people and resources. As an organization and as individuals, we are optimists-setbacks may happen, but the right combination of process, people, and resources will win in the end. BTI is dedicated to the idea that we live in a golden age of increasing productivity, where the way that we perform work is undergoing as monumental a revolution as the transition from the village craftsman to the assembly line.

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Industries We Work With

The aerospace industry — from defense contractors to commercial airlines — leaves no room for error in business processes or product design.

The finance industry operates thanks to processes that work well together, meet time-to-market deadlines and ultimately avoid risk. Of course, over th

The combined needs to constantly improve processes while simultaneously meeting ever-tighter budget restrictions are felt nowhere more strongly than t

It’s no secret that the entire healthcare industry — from administrators and providers to insurers — is undergoing some of the biggest changes it has

Many of the best-managed companies recognize the potential benefits of business consulting. Often, in times of restructuring or when faced with a spec

Despite whatever headlines you might have recently seen, both brick-and-mortar retail and online shopping are thriving. But in this competitive market

Of all major industries, the utility sector is the one most ruled by efficiency. With both governmental regulations and public expectations constantly

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    Here’s What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

    BTI succeeds in its mission when an organization is measurably better in a way that makes a real difference, is able to sustain the change for the better, knows that it is better, and is satisfied with the result.

    Business Transformation Institute, Inc. (BTI) joined in partnership with Raytheon SAS to help us bring together many diverse business units and to stabilize and improve our performance.  Throughout the years we have worked together and achieved CMMI Maturity Level 5 while bringing together geographically and process diverse units. This has allowed us to have a much higher fluidity in our staff and contract execution locations without suffering performance degradation.  Also, BTI has led the way in choreographing novel appraisal methodologies that have significantly reduced the cost of maintaining CMMI certification and ensuring that the programs do not suffer “set-back” during the gap between certification renewals.

    Alan Perkowski 1 E1695234482260

    Alan Perkowski

    Process Maturity Technical Director from Major Aerospace Company

    Having BTI’s LSS black belts onboard means that I can now safely retire.  Thank you!

    Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt

    Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt from National Security Agency

    CNI was going to graduate from the federal government’s 8(a) program.  We had to be prepared to compete. Part of this is having good processes.  BTI helped us to do it.

    Phil Ricks 1 E1695234421930

    Phil Ricks

    Corporate Quality Manager from Chickasaw Nation Industries

    I was fortunate to work with the BTI team on deploying the CMMI Level 2 practice at Western Union. There were a number of obstacles in garnering top-down changes and support everyone that the team was able to work through and make it successful.

    Implementing CMMI practices and procedures in an unstructured environment is surely difficult, but the BTI team was able to see the big picture and also make sure that the details were correctly addressed and implemented.

    I highly recommend the BTI team!

    John Oyhagary 1 E1695234675445

    John Oyhagaray

    Western Union Systems Development