We Are Industry Experts!

Process consulting is not a one size fits all kind of job. That is why BTI is an expert in business process consulting and data mining for a variety of industries. We understand that each industry is different and requires specialized process consulting to ensure that they find the right operational methods that is the best fit for them. View our list of industries below:

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Industries We Work With

We focus on supplying your team with the intellectual capital and experience that helps you resolve conflicts and streamline processes.

Enhance not only the financial strength of your business but also your human capital.

Measurably improve the performance of government agencies and the projects they oversee

Improve your organization’s business processes. and also enhance the value of your in-house human capital

Information technology process consulting to help improve and certify IT departments

Attain the results you’re looking for along with employee buy-ins

Make real improvements that you can embrace and sustain over the long-term