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IT teams across organizations can benefit from CMMI. At Business Transformation Institute, Inc., we give your organization the support it needs to achieve your target maturity level.

What Is CMMI?

Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI®) is a process-improvement model that compares your organization’s processes to industry benchmarks. To gauge where your organization is, the model uses maturity levels to define the state of your processes. The CMMI maturity levels go from level 1 to level 5 — level 5 being the most optimal approach to processes.

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CMMI Services Offered

BTI specializes in process improvement development and implementation support, process improvement training, and official Capability Maturity Model Integrated (CMMI®) appraisal preparation and execution.  We are committed to the idea that improvement means helping organizations achieve measurable results in support of the organization’s goals.

Where Are You in Your CMMI Journey?

CMMI is used extensively across organizations and industries to organize and streamline internal processes. You might be fairly familiar with CMMI concepts and working with the maturity levels, or you might be new to CMMI.

At BTI, we understand that every business starts at a different point, and we offer services to meet you wherever you are. Where are you in your CMMI journey?

I’ve started learning about CMMI. When you’re on the surface of the CMMI concept, you encounter many new terms and ideas that can be challenging to grasp on your own. BTI nurtures your curiosity and gives you the foundational knowledge you need to understand CMMI maturity levels and beyond. Our CMMI training program is an excellent springboard for your organization.

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I need help getting to the next maturity level. If you’ve worked with CMMI before, you may already have an understanding of the different maturity levels and how they can benefit your business, but you might want assistance making meaningful changes. Our CMMI consulting services assess your existing processes and determine the best approach for achieving your target maturity level. With our support, you can create processes that reflect your organization’s goals. 

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I want to be certified for the next maturity level. To move to the next maturity level, you need to be certified. BTI is authorized by the CMMI Institute to prepare you for appraisal and help your organization receive certification for your target level. 

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We Offer the Complete Range of CMMI Services Including:

  • Process development and implementation consulting
  • Appraisal preparation
  • Appraisals
  • Training, including ‘Foundations of Capability’, ‘Building Excellence for CMMI-Development and CMMI-Services’, ‘High Maturity Concepts’, ‘CMMI-Security’. and ‘CMMI-Safety’

The Benefits of Working With BTI for CMMI

As certified partners of the CMMI Institute, BTI can deliver the structural changes your business needs for improved process quality and a higher maturity level. With our team, you can:

  • Increase productivity: Improving your systems supports streamlined workflows and greater success across all areas of your organization. With BTI, you can make changes that create a measurable difference.
  • Reduce costs: Increasing productivity often means fewer resources are required to meet your goals. BTI helps you achieve a higher maturity level that may lead to fewer unnecessary expenses.
  • Improve customer satisfaction: Defined processes allow your organization to deliver reliably to your client base. Our services streamline your internal structure and influence your organization from the inside out. 
  • Provide on-time delivery: When your processes are unpredictable, your delivery times are too. BTI helps your organization solidify its processes, so there is more predictability in project completion and you can keep delivery dates on track. 

BTI’s Services are Distinguished Among ISACA (formerly the CMMI Institute Partners:

  • BTI has been a ISACA partner since 2005. 
  • BTI’s lead appraiser staff are all ISACA-certified High Maturity Lead Appraisers, the highest level of CMMI expertise.  This level is achieved by less than 25% of all lead appraisers.
  • BTI’s lead appraiser staff are all former ISACA staff.
  • BTI’s staff have multiple areas of process improvement expertise, including the American Society of Quality Six Sigma Black Belt, DevOps Institute-certified DevOps instructor, and Certified Agile Scrum Master.
  • BTI’s personnel are all cleared to work at the highest levels of US government-sensitive programs, including in the Intelligence Community.
  • BTI’s staff have written key components of the CMMI itself and the CMMI appraisal method.  The specific BTI authors are cited in the credits of the CMMI.
  • BTI’s staff have been awarded as having given the best presentations at multiple CMMI conferences, including giving the best presentation at the National Defense Industrial Association’s CMMI conference on applying CMMI on agile development projects.
  • BTI is a pioneer in using data science methods to automatically collect and analyze information to reduce the cost of performing a CMMI appraisal.

Apply the CMMI Maturity Model With BTI

CMMI maturity levels are a powerful tool for many companies, and BTI gives you the insight to leverage them. Work with our team to see improvements you can measure. Contact us today to get started with CMMI services. 

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