Process Data Science

What Is Business Process Data Mining?

Process data mining involves the use of special techniques to analyze and improve business processes using data from multiple sources. With Process data mining, software helps transform raw data into usable information through the use of charts and other data visualization tools.

What Are The Steps In Data Mining Process?

There are 7 steps involved in the data mining process:

  1. Data cleaning to align data with the industry standards
  2. Data integration to combine data sets and sources
  3. Extract relevant information to analyze and evaluate
  4. Transform and consolidate data to prepare for mining
  5. Data mining
  6. Evaluate data and pinpoint patterns
  7. Create data reports to share information with relevant parties

Business Transformation Institute can help you through the data mining process. Whether you want to understand software engineering trends or predict DevOps success, the team at Business Transformation Institute can help.

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Business Process Data Mining Consulting Services

We specialize in software process improvement data science. Our process mining capabilities collect and combine data from event logs with product and service quality measurements to help our clients increase process efficiency and have a better understanding of how their processes generate value.

This will enable you to:

  • Discover your true performance based on historical and real-time data
  • Quickly locate the causes of any process inefficiencies
  • Find all bottlenecks and fix them promptly
  • Free up more working capital by reducing resource needs
  • Reduce process and product quality errors
  • Decrease changes that could lead to late deliveries

Examples of Using Business Process Data Mining Consulting Services

The team at Business Transformation Institute can utilize process data mining services to help your organization do the following and more:

  • Understand software development and engineering trends
  • Predict DevOps success
  • Predict Agile success
  • Predict technical debt
  • Predict software technical debt
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Process Excellence

We also provide recommendations for corporate governance structures that promote process excellence. Plus, we train key officers to execute the new strategy to give your company a unique edge over your competitors.

Data Science is the best way to discover all the sources of inefficiencies in your business processes. It not only provides insight from historic data but can also be used to predict how well you’ll meet your set goals and product delivery deadlines.

Our process data science experts are ready to help you take full advantage of the benefits of effective process mining in your organization.

Why Should You Choose BTI for Data Science?

Our process mining makes use of accurate, high-integrity data to perform modeling, analysis, and visualization of your processes. With our specially designed “Nymbul Mineral” process mining software, we can help you automatically identify, track, and optimize all your business processes.

When you choose Business Transformation Institute, you will enjoy the following unique advantages:

We collect a large volume of data across the whole enterprise to help you understand how your business processes are performing. We also gather deep data for each project or program of interest. This data can also be used for developing new programs and projects. We help you discover the links between the way the process is carried out and the products that are produced.

All transactions that take place within the program’s environment will be captured. Data comes directly from the tools and systems. No intervention, adjustment, or interpretation occurs because of subjective interpretations. More accurate process changes can be made because of the integrity of the data.

Data mining occurs at the time intervals driven by when activities occur, from near real-time to hourly, daily, weekly, etc. based on change rates. Data is collected automatically from the work environment based on changes and not at a specific time interval. This approach makes it easier to identify trends and give timely responses that reduce waste, defects, and rework.

Count on BTI for Unique Process Data Science That Delivers Results

Our process mining service delivers the following:

  1. Proof of Value: You’ll have a thorough understanding of your business through process data mining, including rapid prototyping of individual processes using standardized process building blocks. We also reveal the meaning of our results to management and all decision-makers. You’ll have insight into the potential for progressive optimization of your processes.
  2. Process Diagnostics: Through effective diagnostic and simulation tools, we provide actionable improvement measures that will yield fast returns. Using the techniques of lean management expertise, we help you remove deficiencies and create highly efficient process landscapes. We offer suggestions and reveal the potential for increased automation.
  3. Progressive Process Evolution: We use insights from process mining to achieve continuous optimization of your business processes. You can have a seamless integration of process analysis capabilities embedded into your corporate strategy.