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CMMI Consulting Services

Our ISACA (formerly CMMI Institute) consulting, training, and appraisal services are designed to fulfill the demand for effective CMMI-based process improvement. We strongly believe that the process any business adopts determines customer satisfaction, product and service quality, cost, and security.

BTI’s process services toolbox is a synthesis of industry models such as DevOps, agile, Lean Six Sigma, the Capability Maturity Model Integration CMMI, the Cyber Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) standard, and ITIL/ITSM.  While compliance with these standards is important, we emphasize measurable performance over compliance.

By adopting the CMMI, you will systematically improve the performance of your business.

What is CMMI?

Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) is a process-improvement model used to understand how an organization’s processes compare to industry benchmarks at different levels of maturity.  The CMMI provides guidance on improving the processes to reach the next level of maturity. 

CMMI has a long history, beginning in the 1980s.  Since then, CMMI has been widely adopted across the world to help improve service and engineering processes. CMMI is extensively used today in the United States, China, India, and most European countries.

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About BTI’s CMMI Services

Our people know the CMMI. Our staff includes CMMI certified High Maturity Lead Appraisers–a certification level attained by only a small fraction of CMMI consultants.  We have written parts of the CMMI and the CMMI appraisal method.

At Business Transformation Institute, Inc., we help you assess and develop your business capabilities so you can successfully implement your business strategies.  We help our customers maximize value delivered, increase efficiency, and eliminate roadblocks to create opportunities for sustained success and innovation.

Types of CMMI Services

We offer the following CMMI services at Business Transformation Institute:

Successfully implementing CMMI in your organization depends on making CMMI serve your organization, while achieving the CMMI Maturity Level for which you are aiming. Achieving the target CMMI level is important.  Having processes that support your business goals is more important.

BTI will help you succeed in your CMMI appraisal preparation challenge.  We provide experienced CMMI Institute-certified Lead Appraisers to help you get ready.  That might mean finding and categorizing artifacts, figuring out how to present the best narrative on how your processes work, conducting a gap analysis, or determining the most effective and competitive appraisal scoping choices for your upcoming appraisal, BTI will help your appraisal be performed faster, more effectively, and at lower total cost.   

How do you develop a process that both satisfies the CMMI’s expectations and helps your organization deliver value to your customers? The goal is a process that meets your business needs, delivers products and services that are right the first time, minimizes non-valued added consumption of time and other resources, and achieves the targeted CMMI Maturity Level.  Whether that means helping you to develop new processes or identity and close gaps in existing processes or integrating processes across your organization, BTI will help you succeed!

CMMI has its own unique language and concepts, just like DevOps, Lean Six Sigma, ISO 9001, and CMMC.  Learning that language and concepts and how to apply them to your organization is an important fundamental step to both maturiting your processes and achieving a CMMI level.  BTI can teach all of the fundamental CMMI courses, through the Intermediate level, and on to High Maturity to help you in your CMMI drive to success.

BTI can help your organization achieve CMMI High Maturity certification for both Services and Development.  (CMMI High Maturity means being appraised at CMMI Maturity Level 4 or 5.)

BTI can show you how to get to the data your organization needs to achieve CMMI High Maturity and what to do with it.  See how we have helped organizations to process data mine and use the resources they already have.

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What Are the Key Benefits of Choosing BTI as Your CMMI Consultant?

We’re certified partners of the CMMI providing services through CMMI Maturity Level 5.  We help our customers adopt best practices to ensure they enjoy measurable improvements in performance. 

Benefits include:

  1. Improved Quality: CMMI helped Tufts Associated Health Plans reduce defects in their software by up to 25%. Our CMMI implementation creates clearly defined processes which reduce the chances for errors.
  2. Higher Productivity and Reduced Costs: General Dynamics was able to reduce their maintenance staff costs by up to 64% while increasing the size of the organization by 100%. Our CMMI services will help increase productivity while reducing costs. 
  3. Improved Customer Satisfaction: CMMI helped Siemens improve customer satisfaction by 42%. We can also help you to boost customer satisfaction.
  4. On-Time Delivery: JP Morgan Chase used CMMI to avoid project completion delays, reducing slippage of delivery dates by at least 70%. We can also help improve your organization’s on-time delivery.

Why Is BTI a Wise Choice for CMMI Consulting?

BTI has been helping organizations for over 17years to enjoy better results by adapting the CMMI to work for the organization and achieve the desired CMMI credential. BTI’s expert consultants have implemented CMMI projects at organizations ranging from 12 people to multi-national corporations.

For software and systems development teams, our CMMI process improvement and training programs help raise efficiency and improve software and systems quality. For service delivery organizations, BTI has helped create better incident responses, lower performance risk, and improve employee and customer retention.  We’ll help you document best practices and integrate them throughout every part of your organization.

Contact BTI for CMMI Services Today

Successful implementation of the Capability Maturity Model Integration 2.0 can help your organization deliver high-quality products and services at a lower cost, yielding greater customer satisfaction. 

Our CMMI consulting experts are eager to deliver the benefits of this integrated process improvement system to your organization. Give us a call now at 410-997-1237 or request a free consultation online.

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    Here’s What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

    BTI succeeds in its mission when an organization is measurably better in a way that makes a real difference, is able to sustain the change for the better, knows that it is better, and is satisfied with the result.

    Business Transformation Institute, Inc. (BTI) joined in partnership with Raytheon SAS to help us bring together many diverse business units and to stabilize and improve our performance.  Throughout the years we have worked together and achieved CMMI Maturity Level 5 while bringing together geographically and process diverse units. This has allowed us to have a much higher fluidity in our staff and contract execution locations without suffering performance degradation.  Also, BTI has led the way in choreographing novel appraisal methodologies that have significantly reduced the cost of maintaining CMMI certification and ensuring that the programs do not suffer “set-back” during the gap between certification renewals.

    Alan Perkowski 1 E1695234482260
    Process Maturity Technical Director from Major Aerospace Company

    Having BTI’s LSS black belts onboard means that I can now safely retire.  Thank you!

    Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt from National Security Agency

    CNI was going to graduate from the federal government’s 8(a) program.  We had to be prepared to compete. Part of this is having good processes.  BTI helped us to do it.

    Phil Ricks 1 E1695234421930
    Corporate Quality Manager from Chickasaw Nation Industries

    I was fortunate to work with the BTI team on deploying the CMMI Level 2 practice at Western Union. There were a number of obstacles in garnering top-down changes and support everyone that the team was able to work through and make it successful.

    Implementing CMMI practices and procedures in an unstructured environment is surely difficult, but the BTI team was able to see the big picture and also make sure that the details were correctly addressed and implemented.

    I highly recommend the BTI team!

    John Oyhagary 1 E1695234675445
    Western Union Systems Development