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Business Process Consulting Services

Whether you need business process consulting services to make your company more efficient or to deal with the pace of change in your sector, you can turn to our customizable, scalable, and turn-key solutions. Business Transformation Institute, Inc. (BTI) offers a range of services, such as process change management, training, and certifications, for clients in a variety of industries. Through evaluation and observation and process data mining, we target those processes which can benefit from enhanced attention and resource allocation.

Our business process consulting services process helps you seamlessly bridge the gap between your goals and your capabilities, making your business more efficient and poised for success. We even support you in training your team to ensure your businesses processes can work on every level of your organization.

Benefits of Business Process Consulting

Working with business organization performance consultants offers several key benefits that can make a substantial and measurable turning point for your organization:

  • Independent business process improvement professionals bring fresh eyes to your business. Since consultants look at your organization and its systems, they may notice areas for improvement that are easy to miss for experts who are part of your team.
  • Business strategy consulting contractors and experts have the background and knowledge to make scalable changes in your company. BTI process improvement professionals, for example, work with large companies such as Xerox, Raytheon, and Western Union, start-ups, international corporations, and government. With thousands of hours of hands-on expertise in your industry, they are aware of current best practices and have seen what works and what does not work in the field.
  • Organization performance consultants are not part of your organization, which frees them to provide you with the feedback you need to hear. Getting feedback about your processes is sometimes challenging because team members do not wish to offend or want to avoid the “hard conversation” a company sometimes needs to have. As third-party business model analytics consulting services, BTI has no barriers to the full honesty you need.
  • Business process performance consultants are focused on one area of your business. Corporate business model analytical consultants are looking to see how your businesses processes can improve. This singular focus ensures they are not distracted by lateral issues unless they relate to making your organization and its systems more efficient.

What Our Services Entail

At BTI, we understand that business strategy consulting services work most effectively when they combine data and the human factor. This is why our team is careful to build relationships and conduct an in-depth overview of your business needs, organizational structure, goals, and challenges. We listen and then gather the data and baseline the measures so we can effectively bring change where it is necessary while implementing ways for you to measure success.

Our business process performance consulting services work with your program or organization, creating improvements and solutions with you rather than imposing them from the outside. Through training and participation, we ensure everyone on your team has the information and know-how to implement the recommended changes with confidence.

We collect and analyze data and issue reports so you can see how business process changes can affect your venture. Through measurements and analysis, we help you make adjustments and keep track of your wins, allowing you to change course as your company and industry growth.

Why BTI?

At BTI, we use our own corporate process improvement consulting services to make our own business systems and processes more efficient. We know our team is the best we have been able to find, so we use our own expertise to help our organization thrive.

BTI also has the expertise and knowledge your team needs. We have earned the “Certified DevOps Trainer” credential from the DevOps Institute, “CMMI High Maturity Lead Appraiser” credential from the CMMI Institute, the Lean Six Sigma Black Belts certification from ASQ, and the “ITIL Expert” credential.

Industries We Serve

BTI intelligence community consulting services are used by governments and federal agencies. We also serve a variety of other sectors, including:

Chances are good we have worked with some of the top names in your industry, as well. Contact BTI today to find out how our business process consulting services can be a game-changer for you.

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