ITIL/ITSM Certification

ITIL/ITSM Certification

Imagine a business being able cut its incident response times in half within a year of restructuring its IT service desk. This statistic isn’t a dream. With best practices gleaned from Information Technology Infrastructure Library — or ITIL — IT departments everywhere are reporting the ability to institute specific changes that result in reduced costs and increased levels of productivity.

Of course, depending on many factors, such as the nature of your business, the type of customers you serve, the products and/or services you provide and the size of your IT department, you may also benefit from IT Service Management — or ITSM — training and certification.

Often, ITIL and ITSM are thrown together as though they are one acronym, training or course. However, while ITSM aims to help IT professionals better manage and deliver IT services, it’s ITIL that provides the practical framework of best practices that enable IT professionals and their departments to embrace change and make necessary improvements.

In order to better understand what both ITIL and ITSM certifications have to offer and how being trained in one helps unlock the potential of the other, it’s helpful to take a brief look at each one individually. We’ll begin with ITSM, since many of the best practices subsequently found in ITIL are founded upon concepts first established in the better delivery and management of IT services.

Information Technology Service Management Training Services

As businesses grow, so does the manner in which IT services are managed and delivered. Whether you’re the one and only IT go-to person in a small business or you’re overseeing a large IT department, your job involves facing new challenges every day. And how you respond and adapt to those challenges can make a world of difference in your business and its ability to grow.

Fortunately, through ITSM consulting services as well as ITSM certification programs, you can fine-tune your management of IT services to help improve overall business operations, employees’ use of IT, customers’ experiences and the effectiveness of your own IT department.

Naturally, not all IT services management certificate consultants for organizations are created equal. Nevertheless, be assured that by choosing to work with Business Transformation Institute, Inc., you’ll ensure you receive the type of targeted training and certifications that help you improve some of your most common IT processes. From incident management to change management, BTI’s qualified ITSM training will have you designing, delivering and managing a better level of IT services.

Information Technology Infrastructure Library Consulting Services

When organizations hear about Information Technology Infrastructure Library training services for businesses, it’s often the first time they realize a new company-wide potential and level of efficiency is within their grasp.

The first IT Infrastructure Library was actually a collection of more than 30 volumes. It was a 1980s brainchild of the British government. Through its Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency, it aimed to codify some of the best IT practices at the time. These were widespread, varied and yet already intrinsic to the smooth running of many organizations and government agencies. The best resources at the time were used in its creation, including IBM’s now-famous Yellow Books on systems management.

Fortunately, through constant refinement, today’s third edition of ITIL training and certification is comprised of five books — each focused on a particular stage of the lifecycle of IT services. They are as follows:

  • Volume I — Service Strategy
  • Volume II — Service Design
  • Volume III — Service Transition
  • Volume IV — Service Operation
  • Volume V — Continual Service Improvement

With BTI’s highly focused ITIL consulting services, you get quick and easy access to the right level of advice, training, and courses you need. From ITIL Foundation and Practitioner courses all the way up to ITIL Expert and Master, BTI has the ITIL credentials you and your business need to put the benefits of ITIL into your daily IT practices.

Choose BTI for ITIL/ITSM Certification for Continual IT Service Improvements

Founded on the belief that measurable data and process analysis helps businesses perform better and unlock their potential, BTI has made delivering the principles of ITIL/ITSM, as well as other management methodologies, our dedicated focus. Since 2005, we’ve been helping businesses like yours thrive and improve. To learn more about how we can help your company become ITIL/ITSM certified, contact us or call 410-997-1237 today.

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