What Are the Steps to Successfully Implement DevOps?

Business Transformation Institue offers DevOps consulting services to help you take advantage of all of the benefits of an integrated software development and operations approach.

Read on to learn the 4 steps to successfully implementing DevOps!

DevOps Implementation Steps

Four Steps to Implement DevOps Successfully

1. Development of a Code Repository

Using a code repository like Git or GitHub, we implement these steps:

  • Send a pull request that seeks periodic updates from developers and commit the code to the repository.
  • Identify and collate all dependent code.
  • Create an automated pre-build and test it.

2. Continuous Integration

This is a process that integrates code written by different developers using an automated framework.

3. Automation of Each Software Build

When the pre-build is successful, a new build process merges the new solution with the existing master branch.

4. Automated Release With Continuous Deployment

  • Continuous deployment uses the output from the continuous integration to create an automated deployment of the previously tested build.
  • It tests the code in different environments, and it’s complemented by a manual decision and check before sending the new build to a staging or production environment.
  • After running performance tests, the application is released to a live environment.

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