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Our DevOps training for business organizations allows you to learn the best practices to deliver top-notch software at maximum speed. DevOps training allows different teams in your organization to work and collaborate to deliver continuous software updates faster with minimal problems.

The famous State of DevOps Report for 2017 shows that high performing DevOps organizations who’ve learned how to use DevOps principles effectively get:

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  • 96 times faster recovery from product failures
  • 46 times more frequent deployments of software than competitors
  • 440 times faster lead time when handling software changes
  • Higher levels of operational efficiency and customer satisfaction

Why Is BTI the Best Choice for DevOps Training?

At Business Transformation Institute, we’re committed to helping you achieve the best performance through DevOps. BTI is a DevOps Institute training partner that offers development operations training programs for businesses with a unique hands-on approach.

Our development operations training services for corporations provides the tools and techniques needed to apply DevOps principles in companies of all sizes and achieve measurable results. You’ll be able to receive instruction from experts who’ve already practiced the principles of DevOps with measurable results in-house. We have shown our expertise working with more than a few famous organizations-look at our testimonials!

Our comprehensive training provides a detailed introduction to the fundamental concepts of DevOps. We’ll show you how to use tools like AWS, Chef and Docker. You’ll discover how to use the tools required to equip DevOps teams for the transformation of your organization.

Truly, our training provides a high ROI and empowers you to start producing measurable results in a short time.

Benefits of DevOps Training

Our development operations training programs for businesses offer a suite of attractive benefits. After the training, we expect you to experience the following benefits:

Technical Benefits

  • Your development and deployment teams will be able to resolve problems faster and more accurately.
  • Due to cross-functional team collaboration, the processes and communication systems will be easier to manage.
  • Your tech teams will deliver software continuously with very minimal defects.

Business Benefits

  • There will be more time for innovation instead of just fixing and maintaining an existing code base.
  • Communication will improve among teams and individuals.
  • You’ll have a more stable environment for all team members to do their work.
  • With higher productivity and efficiency, you’ll be delivering new features rapidly.

Cultural Benefits

  • The training offers more opportunities for professional development.
  • Greater employee engagement occurs in key departments and teams.
  • Your teams will be happier and more productive as a result.

What Will You Learn at Our DevOps Training?

Presently, we offer a two-day training course in a classroom/instructor-led format. During this course you’ll learn:

  • The true meaning of DevOps
  • The business and information technology perspectives of DevOps
  • Vital DevOps principles and practices
  • Comparison between DevOps and similar frameworks
  • The main DevOps values
  • The role DevOps plays within the enterprise
  • How to get started with the application of DevOps in your organization

What Makes Our DevOps Training a Worthy Investment?

Rather than just come and present slides and provide boring lectures, we’ve created training for the DevOps Foundation course that’s both fun and informative:

  • You’ll learn all the vital DevOps core vocabulary, principles, practices and automation.
  • We’ll provide real case studies and share our in-house experience.
  • You’ll have a chance to study various real-life scenarios.
  • You and your team members can earn credits that’ll help you proceed to more advanced DevOps training.

Our development operations training programs for businesses help professionals who are involved in engineering, manufacturing and software development to deliver high-quality products and meet demands for continuous deployment with minimal errors. Our DevOps instructors offer exciting and challenging real-life examples to demonstrate how to use DevOps tools and methods to improve your company’s bottom line.

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We can provide training for you at the most convenient location either in your company or at our training facility. Call us now to get more information about our DevOps training or for a free consultation on process improvement in your company.

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