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Nymbul Mineral is a process mining report generator and analysis toolkit.  It helps teams to understand what is working well in their DevOps and agile processes.

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Just as data mining has led to a deeper understanding of available information, process mining leads to a better understanding of how a team’s workflow is functioning.  Our process mining solution uses a high-integrity data model built from all the tools in a project’s toolchain to analyze and visualize the team’s actual processes.  Even if a team doesn’t use a tool for a particular transaction, this information provides insight into the workflow.  For example, process mining tools can extract the workflow actually being performed on a project, potentially in contrast to the process that might be written down in compliance with a process improvement model like CMMI or ISO 9001.  This information can help the team identify bottlenecks and rework sequences in the actual process.

Benefits from Nymbul Mineral

Understanding why a software team is successful now helps the team be successful in the future.  Nymbul Mineral’s key benefit is helping teams understand what works well and what doesn’t to accentuate the positive processes and eliminate the negative processes.  Our process mining technology provides teams with the linkage between the delivered software product’s characteristics, just as low defects, on-time delivery, low rework, and high quality, to the process the team used to create a product.  This cause-and-effect relationship between workflow patterns and product characteristics helps the team duplicate past successes in the future while avoiding anti-patterns.

Here’s an example analysis illustrating the relationship between on-time user story delivery and the processes being used:

How To Use Nymbul Mineral

Nymbul Mineral has two powerful modes to support a team’s information needs:

  • On-Demand Reports:  software teams use Nymbul Mineral’s on-demand report generator to receive reports on how effectively their user story management, development, configuration management, testing, quality, deployment, and support processes are collectively working.  When a team decides that their DevOps approach is not as effective as they’d like, Nymbul Mineral’s reports help the team to diagnose the issue.  The on-demand report generator delivers as many as 50 different standard reports, selected based on team preferences, and more reports can be defined using the full Nymbul Mineral analyst tool kit.  Example reports include:
  • Detailed Custom Analysis:  software teams and process analysts use Nymbul Mineral’s process mining and analysis toolkit to explore the details of the software development and delivery process.  With the toolkit, every aspect of the team’s activities as recorded in their DevOps toolchain becomes available to help the team understand its strengths.  Using the toolkit, a team can work in conjunction with data scientists to create customer analysis to optimize the team’s performance.

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