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Importance of Lean Six Sigma

Successful Lean Six Sigma teams are characterized by possessing a set of established principles and practices that drive improvements in productivity, quality, and lead-time by eliminating waste and reducing undesired variation.  A proven set of tools and associated support are also vital to determine process stability and capability, enable root cause determination, provide a structured approach for decision making and monitor and control the improvements. The goal is to provide your customer with a defect-free product or service when it is needed, in the quantity or at the level that it is needed, without wasted effort or rework on the part of your organization.

Lean Six Sigma Tools

Although there are many tools and techniques—our toolbox has over two hundred!—that Lean Six Sigma teams employ to support the improvement principles, eliminate waste, and reduce variation the following are ones we frequently use and that are critical for success:

  • Theory of Constraints to identify your constraints or obstacles in smoothly delivering value to customers
  • Decision Analysis to help make data-driven critical decisions
  • Root Cause Analysis to find and eliminate the true cause of issues, not just symptoms
  • Value Stream Mapping to distinguish process value-added steps from the non-value added
  • Visual Display to support work-flow and communications
  • The 5S’s – Housekeeping and Organization to eliminate clutter and confusion that hides issues and opportunities
  • Poka Yoke techniques to create mistake-proof processes that eliminate the possibility of defects and rework
  • Just in Time, One Piece Flow techniques – Push, Pull process – for Cycle Time Reduction
  • Kaizen Methods – for rapid process improvement efforts and to help gain the trust of your organization’s leadership and staff for the immediate benefits of improvement
  • Control Chart Analysis and Monitoring to detect unwanted process variation
  • Standard operating procedures and documentation to assist in creating a “right the first time” organizational culture and support the development of cross-functional skills.

BTI consultants are experienced, equipped, and knowledgeable in these and many other Lean Six Sigma tools. We are ready to help you succeed in your process improvement efforts!

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