Lean & Six Sigma Strategy

What are the Goals of Lean Six Sigma?

At the heart of Six Sigma is the elimination of variation in business processes, thereby eliminating waste. While the reduction in variation is the goal of Six Sigma, the Lean Six Sigma approach concentrates most of its effort on the systematic elimination of waste. If you desire a process that is fast, essentially defect-free, and without waste, then Lean Six Sigma is the strategy of choice. Lean Six Sigma drives value through improvements in the following areas:

  • Cost Reduction
  • Productivity
  • Increased Throughput
  • Defect Reduction
  • Customer Satisfaction and Retention
  • Market Growth

How BTI Can Help

Our Lean Six Sigma consultants are credentialed experts who can help you prioritize areas for improvement and teach you how to implement solutions that find and eliminate waste and reduce rework while both identifying and removing non-value added processes – keeping the focus on customer satisfaction as the ultimate goal.

Some key aspects of our Lean Six Sigma strategy include:

  • Aligning proven Lean Six Sigma tools and indicator measurements targeting key business objectives to identify areas for process improvements.
  • Formulating improvement ideas using both data from your organization and our experience and testing conclusions to determine appropriate solutions to identified improvement areas.
  • Helping our clients implement the improvements and then collaborating with and advising the project sponsors, managers, and leaders to prioritize and deliver continuous process improvements and sustain the gains.

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