Lean & Six Sigma Implementation

Implementing Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma implementation depends first on establishing a good relationship with the leadership of an organization and then deciding on how they can benefit from using the Lean Six Sigma approach – that is what is the “pain” the organization wants to be removed?  Once this “burning platform” is determined, the remaining steps of establishing the resources, executing the activities, collecting the required measurements to support causal analysis and formulating the improvement actions can proceed.

BTI has helped many organizations, both commercial and government, plan, implement and drive a successful Lean Six Sigma effort.

We will:

  • Engage top management in supporting the Lean Six Sigma initiative.
  • Assist in resource and project selection with a focus on the Critical to Quality goals.
  • Tailor training materials and training plans to provide Lean Six Sigma training when and if required at the level needed. We have experience in White Belt, Green Belt, and Black Belt training.
  • Work with and support your organization as it implements the Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control (DMAIC) process to achieve the project’s improvement goals.
  • Provide expert guidance in creating a measurement system that practitioners can use to determine the baseline performance of their processes and use the data in objective decision making, analysis of variation, and detection of waste.
  • Develop and implement the staff training, process measurement, and problem detection systems, and response plans to be used in sustaining improvements to help support lasting change as well as identifying new areas of potential improvements.

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