DevOps Tools and Automation

Implementing DevOps Tools

BTI’s expert technical staff has extensive experience with implementing DevOps using both open source and commercial tools.  We will help you establish and maintain a fully integrated DevOps toolchain with as much automation as possible for your business.  BTI technical experts have in-depth knowledge of a wide variety of tools, including the Atlassian tool suite, VersionOne, Redmine, Jazz, SonarQube, GitLab, and GitHub.

To help you to establish your DevOps toolchain, BTI will:

  • Identify all the current tools used in your current development and operations environment
  • Help your technical experts determine those tools in your organization that will be part of your DevOps toolchain. *
  • Work with your technical experts to identify gaps in your toolchain and recommend tools for your identified gaps.
  • Help integrate new tools, both open-source and commercial tools, into your DevOps toolchain.
  • Help automate the DevOps toolchain to the greatest degree possible.
  • Help establish procedures for the care and feeding of your DevOps toolchain.

* A key premise of DevOps is that your organization will provide DevOps teams with a corporately supported DevOps toolchain. BTI will work with your technical experts to determine the key tools within your organization that will be part of the DevOps toolchain. This does not mean tools outside of the corporately supported DevOps toolchain cannot be used within your organization, but that those additional tools may not be corporately supported and integrated into the DevOps toolchain.

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