DevOps Measurement

DevOps Measurement Support

BTI’s DevOps measurement support service has four steps:

  • Plan:  Determine the measurements that your organization needs based on its business goals,
  • Do:  Implement the measurements, including integration with the toolchain for automatic metrics generation and collection whenever possible,
  • Check:  Make sure the measurements are serving your needs, and
  • Act:  Provide you with the insight and understanding to improve your DevOps implementation and support your business goals based on your measurement data.

BTI will help you establish, monitor, learn from, and improve your DevOps measures.  A data-driven approach is key to ensure that DevOps teams are on track and you are seeing the expected results from your DevOps processes.  In almost all cases, measurements should be automatically generated for your organization by your DevOps toolchain; BTI will help ensure that your toolchain is set up to deliver these metrics and work with you to understand what these measures mean and how to interpret them.

DevOps Process Data Mining

BTI also brings our process data mining expertise into your measurement environment.  BTI can use its expertise to mine for root causes to problems your organization is encountering—including issues that you may not even be aware of that are nevertheless impacting your bottom line.

Along with the standard DevOps Measurements—Mean Time To Recover (MTTR), Deployment Frequency, Change Lead Time, and Change Failure Rate—BTI will help you establish custom measures from your business goals. BTI has extensive experience in establishing measurement programs in both government and commercial environments, ensuring we can help you succeed with all of your business goals. BTI can help you determine what measures are valuable to your organization and therefore avoid collecting and analyzing measures that bring your organization no value.

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