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DevOps Implementation Services

DevOps implementation depends on establishing a good toolchain, but successful DevOps implementation is more than just setting up tools.

How does your organization plan on managing the culture change that enables a successful DevOps implementation?

How will your organization educate and support teams to work effectively in a fast-paced delivery and sustainment DevOps environment?

How Does BTI Implement DevOps?

BTI has helped organizations plan, implement, nurture, and sustain DevOps culture change and toolchain deployment.

We will:

  • Develop a change management plan that includes:
    • Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) analysis and actions,
    • Perform “force field” analysis of key stakeholders, including proponents and opponents, to the change,
    • Implementation steps, including the messaging—such as emails, “elevator speeches”, website information, and policy documents—that motivate and support the transition to a DevOps culture, and
    • Training support to assist personnel with the knowledge and skills for the DevOps transition.
  • Tailor DevOps training materials to your organization and deliver the training
  • Work with your organization in analyzing your current toolset and, using as many of the currently used tools as possible, establish a DevOps toolchain that works for the organization.
  • Identify gaps in your current tools and recommend tools based on our experience working with DevOps teams in both commercial and government environments.  If needed, BTI can integrate both open source and commercial tools, from Agile Management tools to static analysis and testing tools, to bridge any gaps in your DevOps toolchain.

Work with and support your organization as it implements the change management plan for a successful DevOps rollout.

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