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DevOps Consulting Services

If your company can incorporate DevOps best practices into your software development, you’ll build more high-quality software in a shorter time. Our DevOps consulting services are designed to ensure you enjoy all the benefits of this integrated approach to software development and operations.

DevOps is a unique approach to software delivery that helps integrate the company’s processes, tools, and culture. It unifies development, operations, and feedback from users to produce higher-quality software, release new features faster and meet organizational goals.

Surveys conducted by reveal that companies who have adopted DevOps practices deploy new features 200 times more often than lower-performing organizations. These high-performing organizations also have a recovery rate that’s 24 times faster. Similarly, the time spent on rework and unplanned work in high-performing development teams is 22% less. This provides 29% more time for creating new features.

Benefits of BTI DevOps Consulting Services

When we help you deploy DevOps in your organization, you’ll enjoy both technical and business benefits, including the following:

  • Uninterrupted software delivery
  • Less-complicated processes
  • Quicker bug fixes and problem resolutions
  • Faster delivery of code and new features
  • A more stable environment for operations
  • Better communication and collaboration between teams
  • More time for innovation instead of bug fixing

Every group in the software delivery chain has something to gain from DevOps implementation:

Developers Appreciate DevOps Because:

  • It enables them to create a development environment without paperwork or long approval and waiting times.
  • In most cases, in less than 20 minutes, developers have the right working environment in place, including storage, computing power, network and server access.
  • Developers become more creative and have more time to innovate and test their code carefully.

Customers Want DevOps Because:

  • Software features are created and deployed in response to and at the pace of customer needs
  • Resolving issues in response to customer concerns becomes a focus for developers, not an afterthought.

System Administrators Enjoy DevOps Because:

  • The deeper involvement of developers in testing helps increase system stability.
  • Automation reduces human errors, which are more frequent in manual operations.
  • Automated processes make routine tasks faster and more efficient.
  • System administrators have more time to build skills, sleep better, and reduce their stress levels.

Business Executives Like DevOps Because:

  • It helps the company deliver higher-quality products.
  • Software can be released to the market at a faster rate than organizations using a traditional software development model.
  • Software developers, system admins, and testers love to work in a company that has efficient processes, making it easier to attract and keep great talent.
  • Fewer disputes occur in a company where developers, operations, and quality assurance teams work together.
  • It allows them to focus on achieving business goals.

What Are the Steps to Successfully Implement DevOps?

DevOps Implementation Steps

  1. Development of a Code Repository

Using a code repository like Git or GitHub, we implement these steps:

  • Send a pull request that seeks periodic updates from developers and commit the code to the repository.
  • Identify and collate all dependent code.
  • Create an automated pre-build and test it.
  1. Continuous Integration

This is a process which integrates code written by different developers using an automated framework.

  1. Automation of Each Software Build

When the pre-build is successful, a new build process merges the new solution with the existing master branch.

  1. Automated Release With Continuous Deployment
  • Continuous deployment uses the output from the continuous integration to create an automated deployment of the previously tested build.
  • It tests the code in different environments, and it’s complemented by a manual decision and check before sending the new build to a staging or production environment.
  • After running performance tests, the application is released to a live environment.

DevOps is proven set of practices that are usually combined with cultural philosophies to help organizations of all sizes raise the efficiency of their software quality, release cycles, security, and the capacity to receive quick feedback during software development.

BTI offers outstanding DevOps consulting to organizations of all sizes. Discover how to implement a successful DevOps culture in your organization to achieve all your corporate goals. Contact us today by phone or email for more information.

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