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BTI specializes in process improvement development and implementation support.  That means we are interested in measurable results.  Good improvement enables work to be done measurably faster, more securely, more efficiently, with fewer defects and more functionality, and with happier customers, managers, and developers.  Anything else is not an improvement at all.

BTI focuses on identifying the most successful aspects of a software development organization’s process and building on those features to make better teams.  We use data science to capture data directly from the team’s toolchain—regardless of that toolchain’s maturity or completeness—to provide near-real-time performance modeling, insight, improvement, and predictability.  Combined with our machine learning capabilities BTI is the leading edge of DevOps and Agile high-performance project tuning.

BTI offers a full range of Agile and DevOps services, including:

  • Training, including DevOps Institute Foundation, Test Engineering, and DevSecOps
  • Capability Analysis, Assessment, and Improvement
  • Tools and Automation Recommendations and Implementation Assistance
  • Low-Impact Measurement System Implementation

BTI’s Agile and DevOps services are distinguished by:

  • Our staff includes certified DevOps Institute trainers and consultants.
  • We live in a DevOps and Agile environment ourselves as we develop our DevOps-focused data science products.
  • We have been teaching and consulting on agile methods since 2006.
  • BTI is one of the US Intelligence Community’s preferred Agile and DevOps consultants, with scores of projects coached to higher performance.

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