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Successfully implementing CMMI in your organization depends on making CMMI serve your organization while achieving the CMMI Maturity Level for which you are aiming.  Implementing CMMI in your organization is a project—just like any other project you might undertake. The project has goals, a schedule and budget, and resources. Success is measured by formulating the CMMI project’s goals to align with and support your organization’s goals and then to achieve the CMMI project’s goals within the allocated budget and schedule.

Although there are many “out-of-the-box” CMMI solutions available to help you achieve a particular Maturity Level, these solutions either force your organization to reshape itself to the solution or deliver a Maturity Level with no other benefit—and neither of those results provides a good return on investment for your organization.  BTI has been helping organizations for over 12 years to enjoy better results by adapting the CMMI to work for the organization and achieve the desired CMMI credential.

How BTI Works with You to Implement CMMI

BTI’s focus is on intelligently and efficiently applying the CMMI to benefit your organization and achieve your desired CMMI appraisal results while avoiding the box-checking CMMI implementation common to many consultants.

BTI’s expert consultants have implemented CMMI projects at organizations ranging from 12 people to multi-national corporations.  We have the business experience to understand how CMMI must be adapted to serve your organization, the CMMI knowledge and experience to use the CMMI to deliver real business benefits rather than just “checking the appraisal box”, and the project management skills to make everything happen on schedule and within budget.

Our Approach

BTI’s approach to implementing your CMMI project is:

  1. Understand your organization’s strategy and goals and interpret the strategy and goals in the context of the CMMI.
  2. Develop a project plan, schedule (Gantt chart), and budget to help you achieve your goals.  This plan will include activities to:
    • Tailor the CMMI to meet your organization’s needs while ensuring that you can achieve the target CMMI Maturity Level.
    • Analyze your organization’s existing processes using traditional documentation review and interview methods as well as BTI’s hyper-efficient process data mining tools to understand strengths and weaknesses.  We will work with you to develop a target process implementation that accentuates your organization’s strengths and eliminates your weaknesses with respect to the tailored CMMI.
    • Train your people and work with them to create new processes or modify existing ones to both benefit your organization and satisfy CMMI requirements.
    • Implement your processes.
    • Collect evidence to prepare for a CMMI appraisal.
    • Review the plan with your organization and update it as needed.
  3. Once the plan is approved, BTI will support you in implementing the plan and in getting appraised.

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