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CMMI Process Development

How do you develop a process that both satisfies the CMMI’s expectations and helps your organization deliver value to your customers?  The goal is a process that meets your business needs, delivers products and services that are right the first time, minimizes non-valued added consumption of time and other resources, and achieves the targeted CMMI Maturity Level.

BTI’s consultants know that attaining these results requires three things:

  • An understanding of your organization’s strategy, goals, and challenges.
  • Knowledge of the CMMI.
  • Practical experience working both with good and bad processes and an understanding of the difference.

How BTI Can Help

BTI’s consultants have enjoyed working with good processes and suffered through bad processes.  We are business leaders, project managers, systems, software, and hardware engineers, financial analysts, business analysts, and more.  Our passion for good process originates from the challenges that we have faced. We understand that a good process serves the organization by delivering the expected results that are right the first time, minimize non-value-added consumption of time and resources, and can be immediately validated as fulfilling these first two conditions.

Our people also know the CMMI.  Our staff includes CMMI Institute-certified High Maturity Lead Appraisers, a certification level attained by only a small fraction of CMMI consultants.  We have written parts of the CMMI and the CMMI appraisal method.

To help your organization adapt your existing processes and, when needed, create new ones to serve your organization and satisfy CMMI expectations, BTI will:

  • Work with you to understand your organization’s strategy and goals.
  • Survey your current processes and identify process strengths and weaknesses.
  • Work with you in determining how to fulfill the CMMI’s expectations given the current process state.
  • In the context of your organization’s strategy and goals and the CMMI’s expectations, adapt your processes when possible, tailor a process from our library of process examples when available, or create a new process if needed to address process weaknesses.
  • Develop the process documentation, work-aids, training materials, and tools to support process implementation.
  • Support your implementation of the process.

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