CMMI Appraisal Preparation Consulting

CMMI Appraisal Preparation

BTI will help you succeed in your CMMI appraisal preparation challenge.  We provide experienced CMMI Institute-certified Lead Appraisers to help you get ready.  Our appraisal preparation team will:

  • Efficiently identify artifacts for each process area, specific and generic practice, and project participating in your appraisal, including
    • Identifying artifacts that you might not have thought of in collecting artifacts from projects, and
    • Identifying which artifacts can be used for multiple specific and generic practices, so that the cost of artifact collection is reduced by reusing the evidence as appropriate in different areas.
  • Expertly categorize your artifacts to help make sure your organization meets the evidentiary standard of a CMMI appraisal.
  • Write good descriptions of your artifacts to present a convincing and coherent story to explain your organization’s process implementation.  (Or, if there is a real weakness in your implementation, we’ll make sure you know that, too.)
  • Electronically organize and track changes to your artifacts to make sure that the appraisal team has the most up-to-date evidence they need without the inconvenience.
  • Help your personnel understand how to effectively answer appraisal interview questions confidently and knowledgeably.
  • Process mine your organization’s systems, tools, and document repositories to efficiently gather similar artifacts to those already collected to provide both depth and breadth for appraisal evidence.

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