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Our CMMI consulting services are designed to fulfill the demand for effective CMMI-based process improvement. We provide professional guidance for business executives, software developers, and project support personnel who are responsible for creating and delivery value to customers by delivering systems and software. We strongly believe that the process any business adopts determines the quality of its products and services.

By adopting the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI), you can systematically improve the performance of your business. CMMI is based on building capabilities. A capability is anything your business does that brings desired results.

According to McKinsey & Co., 90 percent of organizations place building capability as one of their top-ten priorities. That’s why, at Business Transformation Institute, we help you assess and develop your business capabilities so you can successfully implement your business strategies.

What Are the Key Benefits of Choosing BTI as Your CMMI Consultant?

We’re certified partners of the CMMI Institute providing services through CMMI Maturity Level 5.  We help our customers adopt best practices to ensure they enjoy measurable improvements in performance.  Illustrative example benefits include:

  1. Improved Quality: CMMI helped Tufts Associated Health Plans reduce defects in their software by up to 25%. Our CMMI implementation creates clearly defined processes which reduce the chances for errors.

Through the strategies CMMI offers for managing projects, technology, and people, your team will be empowered to build processes and skills that lead to business success. Efficient supplier management will also increase the cost efficiency of any products or services you outsource.

  1. Higher Productivity and Reduced Costs: General Dynamics was able to reduce their maintenance staff costs by up to 64% while increasing the size of the organization by 100%. To help you to achieve similar or better results, we will:
  • Search for and eliminate process gaps that cause workflow bottlenecks
  • Streamline project management practices to eliminate waste and redundancy
  • Coordinate processes so your teams have more efficient collaboration
  1. Improved Customer Satisfaction: CMMI helped Siemens improve customer satisfaction by 42%. We can also help you to boost customer satisfaction by:
  • Creating service delivery strategies that focus on vital customer touch points
  • Developing higher-quality products that increase customer trust and confidence
  • Making project management more efficient to meet customer expectations
  1. On-Time Delivery: JP Morgan Chase used CMMI to avoid project completion delays, reducing slippage of delivery dates by at least 70%. We can also help improve your organization’s on-time delivery by:
  • Showing you how to manage vendors to reduce supplier delays
  • Providing clearer development processes to minimize scope creep or extension of delivery dates
  • Using proven project management standards to ensure work is completed on schedule

Why Is BTI a Wise Choice for CMMI Consulting?

When you participate in our training programs and we help you implement CMMI-based process improvements, you’ll enjoy the following results:

  • Reduced re-planning and re-work
  • Higher efficiency due to consistent results from all business units
  • Improved knowledge about your processes so you can track and control them effectively
  • Fewer hours needed for training
  • Faster knowledge transfer for new workers
  • Improved product quality due to a lower number of defective products
  • Higher level of worker productivity

For software and systems development teams, our CMMI process improvement and training programs help raise efficiency and improve software and systems quality. We’ll help you document best practices and make them available to every part of your organization.

What Steps Do We Take to Help You Implement CMMI Successfully?

cmmi implementation steps

  1. Set realistic implementation goals
  2. Get the full support of senior management
  3. Help communicate the importance of implementation to the company
  4. Show how CMMI will have a positive impact on everyone
  5. Hand over the responsibility of the implementation to the appropriate person
  6. Set up process improvement groups
  7. Define the position of the company with respect to its documented processes
  8. Create new documentation of the organization’s processes
  9. Prepare for the CMMI appraisal
  10. Perform the CMMI appraisal

Successful implementation of Capability Maturity Model Integration can help your organization deliver high-quality products and services at a lower cost, yielding greater customer satisfaction. Our CMMI consulting experts are eager to deliver the benefits of this integrated process improvement system to your organization. Give us a call now to schedule a free consultation.

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