Retail Process Consulting & Data Mining Analytics

Despite whatever headlines you might have recently seen, both brick-and-mortar retail and online shopping are thriving. But in this competitive market, it’s critical for companies to have the ability to continually review their business strategies and processes in order to deliver a good CX and drive brand loyalty. Although retail spending is up, not all businesses are equally sharing in the profits. Clearly, for resilient retail organizations to remain successful, they need to regularly analyze every aspect of their business operation, continuously working toward growing their revenue and increasing overall efficiency.

Fortunately, with the right business process consulting for the retail industry, retailers can reap the benefits of objective third-party knowledge they’d otherwise miss out on. This ability is a particularly important component for success in the ever-changing and innovative omnichannel and supply chain management sector involving faster product life cycles and ever-complex operations.

Retail Process Consulting Services

At Business Transformation Institute, Inc., our expertise in best practice models, process modeling, change management, workflow automation, cloud-based computing and mobile computing is helping transform how retailers automate their processes, improve efficiency and increase productivity. Through our retail business process performance consulting services, we’re able to provide retailers with a valid snapshot of how their processes — which are ultimately the engines driving their performance — are making their workflow either add or subtract value from their business.

Moreover, with our vast experience in training and certifying businesses in efficiency methodologies like Lean Six Sigma, our subject matter experts are highly skilled at recognizing waste and inefficiency. This ability is crucial because whether your concern lies with promoting service levels, increasing operational performance, adding value to management reporting or boosting supply chain effectiveness, our consultants are able to layer their insights and findings onto the hard-earned knowledge you have of your business.

Through professional and respectful consulting, we can help you attain the results you’re looking for along with employee buy-in to the changes you want to see adopted for the advancement of your business.

Retail Data Mining Analytics Services

The role that data plays in retailers’ strategic decision-making is growing by the day. With the rapid advent of smart technology, retailers are able to collect and utilize data in ever more innovative and exciting ways.

With the optimization of delivery routes and product stocking in both stores and distribution centers, as well as that of asset utilization and quality of service, big data is leading the way retailers do business.

Of course, without careful analysis, all the data in the world won’t yield the business insights and process management transformations most retailers aim to achieve. That’s why retail industry data mining analytics consulting is such a beneficial service for businesses that want to quickly and effectively respond to what their data reveals.

Unfortunately, some retailers choose to make strategic decisions based only on the data that’s giving them the answers they want. Others spend excessive amounts of time and resources sifting through datasets that have no meaningful relationship to the topic they’re exploring. In both cases, the results range from skewed to — in the worst-case scenario — totally unreliable.

That’s why you need skilled retail industry data mining analytics contractors like the professionals at BTI. With our unbiased, third-party perspective, we collect sufficient relevant data and analyze it thoroughly so that you gain the ability to draw timely conclusions that lead to data-driven decisions.

BTI: Helping Retailers Implement Change and Improve Performance

At BTI, our process consulting and data mining services have supported retailers through everything from workflow redesigns to process automation — and all of it led to improved visibility, agility and cost savings. We can do the same for your company. Reach out to us right away to transform your business’s potential into its reality.

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