Healthcare Process Consulting & Data Mining Analytics

It’s no secret that the entire healthcare industry — from administrators and providers to insurers — is undergoing some of the biggest changes it has ever faced. Whether you consider the impact of new privacy laws and regulatory standards or the shift to more cost-efficient care models, healthcare organizations are looking to improve performance while simultaneously reducing costs.

Moreover, it’s not just new regulations and bottom lines that are impacting insurers, hospitals and clinics. Patients’ expectations for better care, more information and full cost transparency are pushing businesses to search for methodologies that can help them achieve higher levels of efficiency.

In some instances, the adoption of approaches such as lean methodology has met with limited success in the healthcare industry. More often, however, if the adoption of an efficiency methodology is rushed or not customized to the particular business model it’s being applied to, the results are far from perfect — and the desired changes may not be long-lasting. Fortunately, experienced healthcare process consulting leads to the necessary alignment in healthcare systems and organizations so that real improvements are achieved and continuous improvement becomes a valued long-term goal.

Healthcare Process Consulting Services

Business process consulting for health systems is fast becoming a leading way for organizations faced with often diametrically opposed challenges — like reigning in cost while increasing care — to pinpoint and implement the changes they need to make.

Interestingly, while most healthcare organizations and insurers often have incredible in-house knowledge, most of it isn’t centered around process analysis and change management. That’s why involving objective third-party expertise in the form of process consulting for healthcare organizations to review an organization’s processes and make suggestions for improvement initiatives is a prudent way of identifying areas of waste, repetition, and non-value.

In addition, by bringing healthcare system performance consultants — like our skilled subject matter experts from Business Transformation Institute, Inc. — onboard, you can improve your organization’s business processes. At the same time, due to transferal of knowledge, you can also enhance the value of your in-house human capital.

Of course, we understand that healthcare administrators, providers and insurers all have a unique area of expertise. We also firmly believe that our proficiency in business processes, change management, and business analysis can help further unlock the potential of your organization. Our consultants make it their job to continually increase their knowledge of business process improvement. By leveraging our business process consulting services, you can discover new best practices that — once implemented — can help improve everything from staff engagement to strategic alignment of business goals.

Healthcare Data Mining Analytics Services

From Electronic Health Records (EHR) to HIPAA compliance, the sheer volume of data, as well as the regulations governing the use of data, mean healthcare organizations have never had so much information at their fingertips — nor the all-important responsibility to carefully protect it. This change is why implementing software processing data mining services for healthcare facilities may be one of the most prudent and beneficial choices you can make.

While BTI has helped many healthcare organizations implement process improvement initiatives, the actual measurement and meaningful analysis of change needs to be a data-driven endeavor. Unfortunately, too often, businesses unwittingly take a biased approach to process improvement by limiting the scope of processes they consider and having preconceived notions about how to implement change.

Fortunately, healthcare data mining analytics consulting from BTI offers you a company-wide, 360-degree and quantifiable means of improving your organization’s performance. From gaining insights into patterns and trends to recognizing the possible signs of fraud, your management of everything from staff scheduling to patient treatment procedures is enhanced.

Additionally, when you choose to work with BTI’s proven methods of data mining, you’re given a visual representation of your current processes while also being able to review new models for potential process improvements. And, with Nymbul Mineral — BTI’s latest process mining tool — you’ll get to see the electronic transactional footprint each process leaves, along with its relationship to other processes. With this advanced modeling method and BTI’s experienced analytical talent, your insights will be deeper, your choices will be more informed and, most importantly, your business performance will be improved.

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At BTI, our process consulting and data mining services have helped top-tier healthcare organizations and insurers improve the safety and quality of the services they provide while simultaneously reducing costs and implementing process changes. We can do the same for your company. Contact us today to discover how we can help your business transform into a continuously improving, more efficient organization.

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