Aerospace Process Consulting & Data Mining Analytics

The aerospace industry — from defense contractors to commercial airlines — leaves no room for error in business processes or product design. Yet with the constant drive for growth and innovation, often spurred on by M&As in this highly competitive business sector, the need for process efficiency and low defect rates has never been greater.  Business process consulting for aerospace companies can help create high-performing processes.

That’s why at Business Transformation Institute, Inc., we focus on supplying your team with the kind of intellectual capital and experience that helps you resolve conflicts, streamline processes and improve overall efficiency. Plus, with our aerospace data mining analytics, your data can help lead the way to optimized business operations and use of resources.

Aerospace Process Consulting Services

When your company’s reputation hinges on delivering consistent quality that lives depend on, yet your bottom line is tied to cost reduction and streamlining, how do you move forward? Especially if you’ve done all you can to harness your in-house human capital to improve your existing business model, it might be time to consider the BTI’s aerospace process improvement consulting services.

At BTI, we recognize that it’s not our job to tell you your business. But our subject matter experts in business performance, change management, and process analysis make it their work to constantly enhance their knowledge of business process improvement to support your goals. And though you have considerable knowledge of your current best practices, by leveraging BTI’s business process consulting services, you quickly discover that there’s a whole host of new best practices just waiting to be adopted to help propel your organization forward.

Let’s face it: The aerospace marketplace isn’t a forgiving sector. You often have conflicting challenges, such as outside competitors’ underpricing, internal product reworking, regulatory changes and the ever-present need for better detection of failures and inefficiencies. Add to these challenges the seemingly contradictory demands to produce a better product while simultaneously being more cost-effective, and you begin to realize that only through aerospace process consulting can you fully unlock the improvement strategies you need.

Aerospace Data Mining Analytics Services

While the shoulder-to-shoulder approach of process consulting is a noted strength of BTI’s business services, measuring and understanding the results of change is a difficult endeavor, especially since many businesses unwittingly take a biased approach when deciding which processes to look at and how to improve them. Fortunately, aerospace data mining analytics consulting from BTI offers a holistic, efficient and measurable way of improving your performance.

Software processing data mining services for aerospace companies has recently resulted in a tremendous upswing of possibilities for business process optimization. With data now being collected from every software tool used in the workplace, the management and analysis of that data are critical to eliminating waste and finding better methods to deliver value to clients.

By working with BTI’s proven process for mining data, you can automatically see a representation of your existing processes while simultaneously reviewing best models for process improvements. With our latest process mining tool — Nymbul Mineral — you can take advantage of the electronic transactional footprint each process leaves in order to see its relationship to others. This visual modeling process combined with BTI’s data analysis specialists’ experience means you can get deeper insights, make better choices and achieve greater results.

BTI: Helping Aerospace Organizations Become Measurably Better

At BTI, we help our clients achieve compliance with industry-specific standards and models such as CMMI and Lean Six Sigma. In addition, our consulting services in the areas of process mining, data mining, workflow automation and improvement have helped Fortune 100 defense contractors. Let our expertise help your organization, too. Contact our team today!

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