Nymbul Mineral Measures DevOps Across Toolchains

Nymbul Mineral Benefit #2:  Measure DevOps Across The Entire Toolchain

Nymbul Mineral measures the big picture of project performance as it is actually seen by your leadership and customers.  Most DevOps toolchains provide measurement insight only from individual tools, not across the across the entire DevOps environment.  Understanding project performance from the viewpoint of developers, testers, and integrators is important, but how much do these viewpoints matter if customers or leadership sees something different?

Nymbul Mineral lets you measure success across your entire toolchain:

  • Time from identifying customer needs and wants to deployed solutions.
  • Frequency of deployment in response to customer changes.
  • Lead and cycle times in response to customer needs and wants.
  • Mean time to detect issues and incidents and deliver a remedy.
  • Rework at every step of the toolchain in response to a failed deployment.

How do you understand everything that you do, not just the pieces?

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