Nymbul Mineral Goes Beyond Tool-Native Measurements

Nymbul Mineral Benefit #3:  Get More Information From Tools

Nymbul Mineral provides information that is not available from basic, out-of-the-box DevOps tools reporting:

  • SonarQube tracks how your code is improving across each release, including under different quality rules, but there is no report that provides you with this information.  Nymbul Mineral will!
  • Atlassian’s Jira collects how teams and individuals within your project work together to fulfill a user story–but Jira will not tell you this information.  Nymbul Mineral will!
  • Git-alikes (GitLab, GitHub) capture how much and how often software code is being changed, which changes are actually delivered, and when the the delivery is made, but Git-alikes will not collate that information for you.  Nymbul Mineral will!

Tool reporting capabilities are built around the tool developers’ concept of what should be reported.  The information you want is in the tool, but are you allowed to ask for it?  Nymbul Mineral enables you to ask questions that the tools will not let you.

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