W1-2020C-0146 Systems Engineer 6 (SE6)

W1-2020C-0146 Systems Engineer 6 (SE6)

Job Description:

This effort requires candidates to provide MPO with data-driven Systems Engineering, Process Engineering, Technical Analysis, and Program Management support to the Development Office and its subordinate branches in accordance with the Statement of Work. The selected candidate will provide the Development Office with resource requirements to enable capability-driven development efforts. This support shall provide MPO with a means to establish measurable goals, formulate an approach to achieve those goals, measure progress towards achieving the goals, analyze and model challenges in achieving the goals, and assist in overcoming these challenges. This support shall include assisting the government with identifying, capturing, and analyzing stakeholder requirements, using the analysis to propose, model, and document candidate architectures, designs, and trade-offs, reviewing, tracking, and measuring, and optimizing progress on the development against documented requirements.


  • Identify a comprehensive list of stakeholders and scope of requirements those stakeholders should contribute for a given project.
  • Conduct requirements solicitation processes, interviewing stakeholders and capturing requirements as part of a formal requirements document.
  • Analyze the requirements, model the trade-offs inherent in the requirements, and develop measurable engineering technical performance budgets to reflect the trade-offs.
  • Develop formal requirements documentation, gathering acceptance of formal deliveries.
  • Conduct formal Systems Engineering design and architectural processes based on measurable performance goals, creating system engineering artifacts mapping designed system elements to formalized requirements and based on the modeled system trade-offs.
  • Provide MPO stakeholder teams in-depth design reviews for systems developed based on model-based predicted outcomes.
  • Provide technical oversight of investments, influencing research and development for Programs of Record to predict and facilitate timely satisfaction of capability shortfalls.
  • Document organizational processes and support continued process improvement.
  • Assist in implementing development tool and establishing measurement data collection from the tools. Provide tool and process consulting and training to personnel working or supporting the customer, including contractors, in Agile and DevOps concepts and measure the effectiveness of the training in improving performance.
  • Using the data collected from the customer’s implementations, assist MPO management in creating Agile/DevOps/DevSecOps policy, guidance, and process documentation. Formulation of policies, guidance, and process documentation will be based on model-based feedback of the effectiveness of implementation results.
  • Assist the customer organization in building out a DevOps pipeline. Create a DevOps implementation environment that will facilitate measurably improved end-to-end lifecycle performance and predictive models to analytically guide product development.
  • Assist customer management in the creation and use of a management metrics dashboard using data from the DevOps Pipeline tools.

Required Qualifications:

  • A minimum of (20) years of Systems Engineering experience.
  • Please note, a Master’s degree or PhD in a qualified engineering field may substitute for two years of experience.
  • Extensive experience supporting a program in senior leadership positions.
  • Must be knowledgeable with CAMEO

Required Education:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in a technical discipline from an accredited college or university.
  • In lieu of a technical degree, candidates must have a high school diploma or GED and a minimum of (24) years of Systems Engineering experience.

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