BTI01 Sr. Software Engineer/Data Scientist

BTI01 Sr. Software Engineer/Data Scientist

Job Description:

Seeking multiple Senior Software Engineers/Data Scientists with experience in the R statistics software language.

For the past 14 years, BTI has worked with government and private organizations to help them improve how they operate.  For the past year, BTI has been developing process and data mining-based capabilities to provide a richer set of analytic tools to our customers and consultants.  BTI recently won new work to provide a technology concept demonstration using our data mining approach for a long-term customer.

The Senior Software Engineers/Data Scientists will develop software to implement mining and analysis algorithms to extract data from customer APIs and implement data analytic algorithms to provide insight into the data.  An example analytic challenge is to create a predictive model for validating a current product development schedule based on past engineering team performance. For example, see

Job Duties:

  • Develop analytic algorithms in consultation with senior statisticians.
  • Develop software to implement mining algorithms.
  • Develop software to implement data analysis queries and produce reports.
  • Develop and implement interfaces using JSON and XML using R.
  • Develop software to validate user identities using PKI and OAuth.

Skills and Qualifications:

  • Excellent interpersonal skills, particularly with respect to highly-skilled technology consulting personnel and systems engineers.
  • One year or more of analytic and development experience in R and common R packages such as plyr, dplyr, lubridate, data.table, curl.
  • A BA or BS in a relevant field (for example, computer science, mathematics, statistics, or industrial engineering)
  • Experience working with or on an agile software development team
  • REST API experience
  • XML, JSON processing experience

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