P1-030620-2 Software Engineer 2 (SWE2)

P1-030620-2 Software Engineer 2 (SWE2)

Job Description:

Responsible for working with MPO technical leads in another operations center to adapt similar projects to this client’s operations center requirements, including integration of client requirements into the other Operations Center projects.  For example, to support collaborative use of a capability, the SWE2 would establish and manage duplicate Docker containers to ensure a copy for the client operations center usage.  Pilot smaller features based on mission requirements and work with developers to ensure integration of capabilities into both operations centers.  SWE2 may also design and proof prototype-scale solutions against validated requirements.  Provide SETA oversight to Full Stack development efforts.

Individual Capabilities/Experience Required:

  • Submitted candidates must meet the minimum experience and education requirements to qualify for the Software Engineer Level 2 (SWE2) labor category.  Fourteen (14) years of experience as a SWE, in programs and contracts of similar scope, type, and complexity is required. Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related discipline from an accredited college or university is required. Four (4) years of additional SWE experience on projects with similar software processes may be substituted for a bachelor’s degree.
  • Experience using Containers and the software to manage Containerization.
  • Experience in DevOps for designing and proofing prototype-scale solutions
  • Experience in Full Stack development efforts.

Individual Capabilities Desired:

  • Experience with various coding capabilities.
  • Technology diverse background to provide adaptable oversight.


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