N1-DMS-23-19 Principal Test Engineer

N1-DMS-23-19 Principal Test Engineer

Job Description:

The Principal Test Engineer will manage the project’s gap between developer-controlled unit-testing and client-led acceptance-testing, identifying and prioritizing test cases/plans and their execution based on available resources. The work includes defining/creating test plan, test case, test procedure, test report documents. Working with systems engineers on acceptance criteria or development engineers on product configuration/operation as necessary. Coordinating scheduling and completion of test activities and reporting of all discrepancies noted during test activities.

Required experience:

  • Must meet the Pr. TE LCAT requirements
  • Automated testing experience
  • Postman
  • Selenium
  • Jenkins
  • Maven508 compliance testing
  • SonarQube continuous inspection

Required Labor Category Skills:

  • At least ten (10) years’ experience of planning, implementing, testing, documenting, and maintaining solutions for the integration and testing of custom developed and COTS/GOTS components, elements, subsystems and/or systems.
  • Shall have demonstrated the ability to communicate directions and provide guidance to senior testers;
  • Shall be able to synthesize customer contractual needs and requirements into system test solutions that acknowledge technical, schedule and cost constraints;
  • Shall be able to establish functional and technical specifications and standards solve hardware/software interface problems, define input/output parameters, and ensure integration of the entire system or subsystem;
  • Shall be able to review, evaluate and derive requirements for testability, develop, and execute comprehensive test plans, procedures and schedules for complete systems and/or subsystems;
  • Shall be able to coordinate subsystem and/or system testing activities with programs and other organizations;
  • Shall be able to perform analysis of test results and prepare comprehensive subsystem and/or system level evaluation reports which verify and validate system performance;
  • Shall be able to write discrepancy reports and perform integration regression testing to verify/validate incorporated fixes to software, components, subsystems and systems;
  • Shall have experience with test automation tools e.g. IBM Rational Robot, Mercury Interactive LoadRunner, QuickTest or Selenium.

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