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If your company incorporates DevOps best practices into your software development and maintenance life cycle, you’ll build, test, integrate, and deliver more high-quality software in a shorter time. Our DevOps consulting services are designed to ensure you enjoy all the benefits of this integrated approach to software development and operations.

Whether you’re looking for DevOps consulting or implementation services, we are here to help!

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DevOps is a unique approach to software delivery that helps integrate the company’s processes, tools, and culture. It unifies development, operations, and feedback from users to produce higher-quality software, release new features faster and meet organizational goals.

Surveys conducted by reveal that companies who have adopted DevOps practices deploy new features 200 times more often and with better quality than lower-performing organizations. These high-performing organizations also have an incident recovery rate that’s 24 times faster. Similarly, the time spent on rework and unplanned work in high-performing development teams is 22% less. This provides 29% more time for creating new features, which drives customer satisfaction.

BTI offers the following DevOps Services:

  • DevOps Assessment Service
  • DevOps Implementation
  • DevOps Tools and Automation
  • DevOps Measurement

About BTI’s DevOps Services

BTI’s DevOps assessment services will help your organization answer these questions:

  • What do we need to do to implement DevOps with minimum disruption and cost and maximum return on investment?
  • Where is our current DevOps implementation effective and where is it less effective?
  • What improvements can we make to our DevOps implementation?

BTI can assess your organization’s current DevOps state with our proven assessment approach. Using interviews with knowledgeable development, maintenance, and operations team members and process data mining of DevOps activities, BTI will examine project management, software development and maintenance, and software transitions and operations practices.  BTI will

  • Assess your current state of DevOps,
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in your processes and pinpoint areas for improvement, and
  • Identify best practices within your organization for wider adoption.

DevOps implementation depends on establishing a good toolchain, but successful DevOps implementation is more than just setting up tools. You must consider how your organization plans on managing the culture change that enables a successful DevOps implementation and how you’ll educate and support teams to work effectively in a fast-paced delivery and sustainment DevOps environment.

As part of our DevOps Implementation, we will:

  • Develop a change management plan that includes:
    • Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) analysis and actions,
    • Perform “force field” analysis of key stakeholders, including proponents and opponents, to the change,
    • Implementation steps, including the messaging—such as emails, “elevator speeches”, website information, and policy documents—that motivate and support the transition to a DevOps culture, and
    • Training support to assist personnel with the knowledge and skills for the DevOps transition.
  • Tailor DevOps training materials to your organization and deliver the training
  • Work with your organization in analyzing your current toolset and, using as many of the currently used tools as possible, establish a DevOps toolchain that works for the organization.
  • Identify gaps in your current tools and recommend tools based on our experience working with DevOps teams in both commercial and government environments.  If needed, BTI can integrate both open source and commercial tools, from Agile Management tools to static analysis and testing tools, to bridge any gaps in your DevOps toolchain.
  • Work with and support your organization as it implements the change management plan for a successful DevOps rollout.

BTI’s expert technical staff has extensive experience with implementing DevOps using both open source and commercial tools.  We will help you establish and maintain a fully integrated DevOps toolchain with as much automation as possible for your business.  BTI technical experts have in-depth knowledge of a wide variety of tools, including the Atlassian tool suite, VersionOneRedmineJazzSonarQubeGitLab, and GitHub.

BTI’s DevOps measurement support service has four steps:

  • Plan:  Determine the measurements that your organization needs based on its business goals,
  • Do:  Implement the measurements, including integration with the toolchain for automatic metrics generation and collection whenever possible,
  • Check:  Make sure the measurements are serving your needs, and
  • Act:  Provide you with the insight and understanding to improve your DevOps implementation and support your business goals based on your measurement data.

BTI will help you establish, monitor, learn from, and improve your DevOps measures. In almost all cases, measurements should be automatically generated for your organization by your DevOps toolchain; BTI will help ensure that your toolchain is set up to deliver these metrics and work with you to understand what these measures mean and how to interpret them.

Benefits of BTI DevOps Services

When we help you deploy DevOps in your organization, you’ll enjoy both technical and business benefits, including the following:

  • Uninterrupted software delivery
  • Less complex processes
  • Quicker bug fixes and problem resolutions
  • Faster delivery of code and new features
  • A more stable environment for operations
  • Better communication and collaboration between teams
  • More time for innovation instead of bug fixing

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DevOps is a proven set of practices that are usually combined with cultural philosophies to help organizations of all sizes raise the efficiency of their software quality, release cycles, security, and the capacity to receive quick feedback during software development.

BTI offers outstanding DevOps consulting to organizations of all sizes. Discover how to implement a successful DevOps culture in your organization to achieve all your corporate goals.

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