Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

BTI’s Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training is designed for systems, software, and hardware engineers, program managers, and process improvement and quality assurance personnel who want to lead projects to solve challenges and help their organizations improve.  The course is focused on learning and applying both technical and people skills as the leader of a successful Lean Six Sigma project.

BTI’s Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training is taught as a four-week (twenty days) classroom or online instructor-led course.  BTI’s Black Belt class covers the information required for the ASQ Certified Black Belt exam.

The course is offered both online and in-person classroom training.  In addition to 105 hours of instruction, the student will have online assignments outside of class to exercise the skills learned in class.  Although not required, students may bring information on their current project to class to consult with the instructors.

The course includes discussion of applying Lean Six Sigma in organizations using systems, software, and hardware engineering to develop, upgrade, and maintain technology-based products and services.

BTI supplies all instructional slides, books, student materials, and exercises for the course, including:

  • The Quality Council of Indiana’s Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Primer
  • Lean Six Sigma Mathematics and R
  • A course completion certificate for each student
  • Breakfast and lunch on all days (classroom offerings only)
  • 100 PDUs!
  • LSS quick-reference card
  • Practice exam
Virtual (online) instruction $10,000.00 Minimum of 4 students
Classroom instruction $10,500.00 Minimum of 4 students
Onsite at your location classroom instruction $10,000.00
  • Minimum of 4 students
  • The hosting organization must provide classroom—please contact us to discuss!
  • Breakfast and lunch not provided.
  • Depending on location, may require instructor travel to your location.

Topics Covered Include:

  • The topics covered exactly address all topics the student will need for the ASQ Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification test.
  • Process Management
    • Stakeholder Impact
    • Critical Requirements
    • Benchmarking
    • Business Measures
    • Performance Measures
    • Financial Measures

Project Management

  • Team Formation
  • Team Types
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Success Factors
  • Team Facilitation
  • Motivational Techniques
  • Stages of Development
  • Leadership Models
  • Team Dynamics
  • Meeting Management
  • Decision Making Methods
  • Team Training
  • Needs Assessment
  • Project Management Tools
  • Work Breakdown Structure
  • Gantt Charts
  • Project Plans
  • RACI Chart
  • Analytical Support

DMAIC: Define

  • Voice of the Customer
  • Customer Identification
  • Customer Data Collection
  • Customer Requirements
  • Project Charter
  • Business Case
  • Problem Statement
  • Goals
  • Performance Measures
  • Tollgate Reviews

DMAIC: Measure

  • Data
    • Data Collection
    • Process Characteristics
    • Flow Metrics
    • Analysis Tools
    • Data Collection
    • Types of Data
    • Measurement Scales
    • Sampling
    • Collection Methods
    • Measurement Systems
    • System Analysis
    • Enterprise Measurement
    • Metrology
  • Statistical Techniques
    • Basic Statistics
    • Central Limit Theorem
    • Descriptive Statistics
    • Graphical Methods
    • Statistical Conclusions
    • Probability
    • Common Distributions
    • Other Distributions
    • Process Capability
    • Capability Studies
    • Capability Indices
    • Non-Normal Data
    • Performance Metrics

DMAIC: Analyze

  • Measuring / Modeling Relationships
  • Regression
  • Multivariate Tools
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Point & Interval Estimates
  • Major Tests
  • Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
  • Nonparametric Tests
  • FMEA
  • Additional Analysis Methods
  • GAP Analysis
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Waste Analysis

DMAIC: Improve

Design of Experiments

  • Terminology
  • Design Principles
  • One-Factor Experiments
  • Fractional Factorial Experiments
  • Full Factorial Experiments

Lean Methods

  • Waste Elimination
  • Cycle Time Reduction
  • Kaizen
  • Theory of Constraints
  • Implementation

DMAIC: Control

  • Statistical Process Control
    • Objectives
    • Selection of Variables
    • Rational Subgrouping
    • Control Chart Selection
    • Control Chart Analysis
  • Other Controls
  • TPM
  • Visual Controls
  • Maintain Controls
  • Measurement Systems Re-Analysis
  • Control Plan
  • Sustain Improvements
  • Lessons Learned
  • Training Plan Deployment
  • Documentation
  • Ongoing Evaluation

Design for Six Sigma (DFSS)

  • DFSS Methodologies
  • Design for X (DFX)
  • Robust Design

Deploying the Lean Six Sigma Culture

  • Organization-Wide Considerations and Challenges
  • Six Sigma / Lean Fundamentals
  • Improvement Methodologies
  • Systems and Processes
  • Strategic Planning
  • Leadership
  • Roles and Responsibilities
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Here’s What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

BTI succeeds in its mission when an organization is measurably better in a way that makes a real difference, is able to sustain the change for the better, knows that it is better, and is satisfied with the result.

Business Transformation Institute, Inc. (BTI) joined in partnership with Raytheon SAS to help us bring together many diverse business units and to stabilize and improve our performance.  Throughout the years we have worked together and achieved CMMI Maturity Level 5 while bringing together geographically and process diverse units. This has allowed us to have a much higher fluidity in our staff and contract execution locations without suffering performance degradation.  Also, BTI has led the way in choreographing novel appraisal methodologies that have significantly reduced the cost of maintaining CMMI certification and ensuring that the programs do not suffer “set-back” during the gap between certification renewals.

Alan Perkowski 1 E1695234482260

Alan Perkowski

Process Maturity Technical Director from Major Aerospace Company

Having BTI’s LSS black belts onboard means that I can now safely retire.  Thank you!

Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt

Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt from National Security Agency

CNI was going to graduate from the federal government’s 8(a) program.  We had to be prepared to compete. Part of this is having good processes.  BTI helped us to do it.

Phil Ricks 1 E1695234421930

Phil Ricks

Corporate Quality Manager from Chickasaw Nation Industries

I was fortunate to work with the BTI team on deploying the CMMI Level 2 practice at Western Union. There were a number of obstacles in garnering top-down changes and support everyone that the team was able to work through and make it successful.

Implementing CMMI practices and procedures in an unstructured environment is surely difficult, but the BTI team was able to see the big picture and also make sure that the details were correctly addressed and implemented.

I highly recommend the BTI team!

John Oyhagary 1 E1695234675445

John Oyhagaray

Western Union Systems Development